The Ephrata Cloister

I always thought it was interesting to see early American architecture influenced by Old-World cultures.  The Ephrata Cloister has some interesting specimens of 17th and 18th century German architecture, built with what supplies the settlers had at their disposal. The two main buildings at the Cloister (the Sister House and the Brother House) are quite […]

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House on a Hill

I took a different approach to the process of painting this little house peaking its head over a hill.  I wanted a warmer tone throughout (which I failed to do in the right sky), so I painted a nice yellow wash under the grass and threw gold on the trees. Applying frisket to the yellow […]

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Still life, “fruit in the bowl,” painting has always been a type of painting I could care less about, but I thought I should paint some, just as a study, so I chose some rather cool-looking gourds. I’m not really sure what to think of it, whether or not it looks acceptable, but here it […]

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A Rather Large Painting

I was asked if I would be able to paint a mural for my church’s Vacation Bible School.  The theme was Medieval, and I had to come up with something along those lines.  A castle was the obvious choice for the mural, but I didn’t want it to be one of those cheap, whimsical, and […]

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At the request of my sister, I painted a simple triptych to hang over her bed.  The pieces are clean and clear and made to complement each other and the room they are in. For all you fellow watercolourists, I’ve been busy, and therefore unable to participate in   #WorldWatercolorMonth. (In fact, I’ve been a traitor, and […]

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St. Peter’s Dome

This drawing is the most detailed I have yet drafted.  It was a headache to get correct perspective, and the drawing took four days to complete, but here it is. The actual dome was redesigned by Michelangelo, as the preceding dome was, according to James Lees-Milne, “too eclectic, too pernickety, and too tasteless to have […]

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A Little Home

I’ve been wanting to get this idea of a painting out, and I finally have.  I was afraid it would be a failure, as halfway through the painting I felt eminent doom, but I kept going and managed to save it. This could be anywhere.  It looks to me as though it were in the […]

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