My Apologies. I’ve Been Away.

It has been over a year since the last post made its appearance on this site.  The reason being, of course, that life has happened.  I’m in the middle of working on a degree in Architecture.  Individuals and traffic guards have asked why I am not going to college for Art. I have at least two reasons. First of all, architecture as an art is a subject that I have studied with great interest.  (I will be taking art history classes having to do with the development of structures.  Obviously, I am anticipating those classes).  Secondly, to study visual art – drawing, painting, etc.- would require me to make that my profession (in order for it to “pay off”).  I love visual art too much as a hobby to stress about making a living from it.  To that extent, I have been teaching art in the classroom (something I was initially terrified of doing but actually love) and selling a few pieces here and there, so it is a bit of a profit-making hobby.  Above all, I simply want to enjoy painting and drawing.  That’s why I’m not making a career out of it.

Over the past year, I have had few opportunities to paint between work and school, but here are a few pieces I have painted, sketched, or hung in houses of worship.


Of course, I studied Andrew Wyeth – his Evening at Kuerners.



During my summer break, I painted another backdrop for my church’s Vacation Bible School.  It was a jungle theme.  The piano is for scale.



Above is a postcard sized painting based on a scene looking out a window in one of Andrew Wyeth’s works. I’ve found that doing small paintings facilitates a swift execution of De-stressing.



For a design course I’m taking, it is necessary to keep a sketchbook – a smashing idea, in my opinion.  Above is a page from that.

A super fun project I was given over the summer was to restore and remodel a friend’s antique dollhouse.  Here are a few photos:


This is before.  The house was purchased in New England, and we used that to inspire the new look, which can be seen below.


Perhaps the most exciting thing about this house is that it has electricity.  It blows fuses easily (it has its own “breaker box”), but that little inconvenience is worth the magic of seeing it illuminated!


(Notice the outlet under the window.  It actually works.)

I may write a separate post about the dollhouse simply because there is so much to tell and so much for you to see!

In the future, I hope to post more frequently than the annual tradition I have apparently developed.



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