Stone Wall

This particular painting has been sitting around for quite a while.  I’m not too thrilled with the way it turned out, but I thought I would post it anyway.  I meant for it to look looming and foreboding with a ton of cool detailed stone-work, but it looks like a cardboard cutout and two crows.  I think the problem is in the unconventional way I went about painting it.  To get a building to look ominous, significant shadowing must be added to the structure’s peak.  The shadows should have gone on before the stones did, but they didn’t.  I smudged the details in the stone trying to get the top of the barn to darken.  At that point, I just gave up.

I could have added more detail to the stone, but I got sick of the painting.  That was about three months ago.  I’m still sick of it.

11 thoughts on “Stone Wall

  1. I think the painting works. Sometimes when I painted I had similar feelings about a piece. I would put it away then much later try to rework it with a different concept in mind if it didn’t go in the direction I originally wanted.

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  2. Stonework is a challenge for me too. Definitely add to the stones but I like a bit of looseness. What’s intriguing to the eye doesn’t always translate well to paper. Having said that I think you’ve done a great job. It seems to me the most interesting bits, if you don’t want so much repetition of the stone work may be to crop the painting and allow 1/3 for sky and crow, 1/3 for pitch of the roof, and 1/3 for the stone wall. Conventional perhaps but it may work. You can always cover it with paper to see how a smaller version would look before you crop it. Overall I like it though!

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