Study on the Wyeths

As a native Pennsylvanian, I’m extremely proud of our state’s artistic heritage.  Some of my favorite artists established studios not too far from my home.  N. C. Wyeth established his home and studio near Chadds Ford, and two more generations of Wyeths followed in his artistic steps.  I would have to say that I enjoy Andrew Wyeth’s work the most.  He helped to make watercolor a medium that people would take seriously, so naturally I admire him a great deal.

I’ve found that the best way to improve and learn new techniques is to look at the master works and emulate them to the best of your ability.  I attempted to paint the background to Andrew Wyeth’s “Young Bull.”  I wasn’t going to throw the bull into the painting for the simple reason that I can’t paint wildlife.  I should try though.


The following painting is a study on Jamie Wyeth’s “Cooling Off.”  Anyone who has worked with animals should know what is cooling off in the painting.  It’s called “realism” for more than one reason.


It’s strange to look at the originals and compare them to my renditions.  I noticed that colors and perspective were thrown off quite a bit,  but the purpose of these studies was to learn something new, which definitely happened.

14 thoughts on “Study on the Wyeths

  1. Those are beautiful paintings – the originals as well as yours. I definitely agree that studying masters’ paintings would help.

    As a side point, I realized that in the original Young Bull, the dark shade of the wall next to the bull is not entirely consistent with the direction of the lighting indicated by the bull’s shadow, so the artist seem to have taken license to enhance the contrast with the bull, which worked nicely. In your rendition, I guess the current, vibrant colors help keep the wall interesting without the bull.

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  2. Very nice! I met Jamie Wyeth a couple times. He dated a girl I went to school with. She ended up marrying Sly Stallone (Rocky movies) who I also met as he went to to the Phila. College of art across the street from my business school. Keep up the good work Love Grammy

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  3. I just checked out your work this morning. I’m not an art critic but I know what I like.
    Except for Leonardo da Vinci, Andrew Wyeth is my favorite for many reasons. You definitely have his eye.

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