A Rather Large Painting

I was asked if I would be able to paint a mural for my church’s Vacation Bible School.  The theme was Medieval, and I had to come up with something along those lines.  A castle was the obvious choice for the mural, but I didn’t want it to be one of those cheap, whimsical, and unrealistic affairs.  At the same time, I didn’t want it to be too realistic and creepy for the children.  So I settled for a classic castle front with warm, sunny, inviting tones to keep things cheery.

Here’s the outline sketch:


The canvas I chose was 12 ft. tall and 15 ft. long.   I discovered that the mural was much too tall, but somehow I painted it just right that, in the end, everything turned out just fine.

This was after two days:


At this point I was frightened that I wouldn’t finish in time.  It was my first time painting a mural, and I worried that I had miscalculated the amount of time it would take to complete.  However, the next two days went very fast, and this was the final product:


This is the painting hung.  You can see that the drawbridge drags on the ground somewhat. I believe the effect is more three-dimensional than it would have been had it not been dragging.


Painting the mural was tiring, but fun.  The children love it, and I’m excited to do more, hopefully, in the future.

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