St. Peter’s Dome

This drawing is the most detailed I have yet drafted.  It was a headache to get correct perspective, and the drawing took four days to complete, but here it is.


The actual dome was redesigned by Michelangelo, as the preceding dome was, according to James Lees-Milne, “too eclectic, too pernickety, and too tasteless to have been a success.”

19 thoughts on “St. Peter’s Dome

  1. You are good at detail, Harrison. I think you did great work for only taking 4 days to do it. Keep em coming.


    1. Thank you, Holly! I don’t have any extravagantly expensive or complicated materials. I just work with pencils ranging from 2H to 6B. All of my work is on paper 9 inches by 12 inches, with the exception of a couple pieces on postcard-sized paper. I like to use 140 lb cold press watercolour paper for all my work. I use tubes of watercolour, and continue to work with the dried-out paint left over from the tubes. I just do the best with what I have 🙂


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