The Hunt

Fox-hunting has never been one of my pastimes, and most likely never will be.  The only experience I have had riding horses involved the saddle turning off the horse, slowly. (I never fell off, I was just leaning severely to the left and was relieved when the ride was over.)   I also don’t believe I would enjoy the practice of riding a beast through fields chasing hounds, who in turn were chasing a fox, which would probably end up in a hound’s mouth.  A very gruesome sight to behold.24Anyway, this centuries old tradition has been banned in England and Wales, and who’s to say it won’t be banned here in the States?  By then I would probably have mustered up the courage to go fox-hunting and ended up in jail for something I never wanted to do in the first place.

10 thoughts on “The Hunt

  1. Harrison, I love it!!! The horses, humans, dogs, sky, everything is so good! Can’t wait to see your next drawing! Love from Grandma & grandpa Nick. ❤

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