Weekend Watercolor

It is practically impossible to fit any project other than school into the week.  That is why I look forward to weekends to draw or paint.  Lately, anything I’ve tried drawing has failed.  Miserably.  However, this weekend I was able to come up with two pieces that were decent enough.
4This was the first painting I’ve done that has a person who actually looks like a person.  Notice I didn’t do the face.  If I did, it probably would be a catastrophe.  When I’m dead and famous, art professors and critics will wonder if it was my trademark not to include people’s faces.  Nope, it’s just that I’ve never done a face that I’m happy with 🙂5This was just a quick watercolor that I did.  It’s in my sketch book, so the scan didn’t come through to well.  Sorry.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Watercolor

  1. faces are so over rated. You caught what was important in the above painting of the little boy reading on the curb. I am usually trying to get my students to omit the faces on their little people. Shadows around the face will often do until you try a portrait. Good job!

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