An Old Camera Meets New Film pt. 2

If you’ve ever been rushed through a city in a select group of people, you will not enjoy that city.  You will definitely not enjoy that city if you happen to be rushed through when you were supposed to be eating lunch, and a certain select group of people decides to grab lunch.  We did not stop.  We simply ran into Subway, ordered our subs, and ran down the streets eating them.  Subway’s subs are usually a good thing, and you usually should be able to enjoy the city of Chicago, but the circumstances were bad, and from now on until the day I die, Chicago will bring back nightmares and I will always feel like I should be saving my wonderful sub for after a marathon.  From this little illustration, you should be able to tell that circumstances can warp a good or bad situation.

The fact that I was able to shoot with a camera that is almost a century old is a good circumstance.  Being able to take pictures is a good circumstance as well.  The bad situation is that I only received three pictures back.  Strange.  I got the negatives back, and there really are only three exposures on it.  I was supposed to get 14 pictures!!! 121
That was probably the only bad circumstance.  So I am happy.  The pictures turned out all right.  I so wish the one above did not turn out as a double exposure.  Do you see how the bell tower got darker at the top?

On this photo, you can see the very top of another one.  Looks like a traffic light.  It is the mysteriously disappearing photo.123

This one was at the end of the roll, so it turned out rectangular.120

The photos are all kind of rough, but they all have some charm in them:)

3 thoughts on “An Old Camera Meets New Film pt. 2

  1. Hope your next film you will be able to see all the pictures. These would look great if they weren’t all together on one picture. I forget what you call this. lol.

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