Macro Drawing

“Details create the big picture”

Sanford I. Weill


Many of the worlds amateur photographers dream of one day acquiring a macro lens. The results of macro photography are stunning.  You can see detail that you may have never even known existed.  As you stare at these photos, you begin to have a growing sensation that you have to purchase one of these lenses.  As an unemployed tenth grader, I definitely can not purchase one of these.  Alright, it’s a possibility, but I have other things on my list.  And it would take several years to save up, so if I ever did actually end up with one, it would be second hand, with a cracked lens and it would have no ability to focus.  So I decided to try an experiment in macro drawing.

The following is a drawing of a keyhole limpet.1[2]This next drawing is not really pretty.  I wasn’t going to put it on first, but I decided to swallow my pride and show you one of my not so good pictures.  I focused a bit to much on one area, not giving enough room for the rest of the picture.  It is supposed to be a shark eye shell.  It could be anything.

All in all, it was a fun experience and I learned a bit from my mistakes. And, of course,  I didn’t have to spend a fortune on any of it!

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