An Old Camera Meets New Film pt. 1

I am very much into analog photography, and spending too much for twenty four grainy photos.  Up to recently, I’ve only had one film camera that actually worked.  Then I found a gem.  Our neighbor had a collection of old cameras in his garage, and told us we could have them if we wanted. So we ran over immediately.  We found many Brownie boxes, and a few 35mm cameras, but the shining glory of the experience was a No. 2 Folding Autographic Brownie.  And I found out it works!  After reading up on it, I discovered it would take modern day 120mm film.  Many folding autographics take retired film, so I was excited to try an experiment.

I purchased the film.  This next part of the story is very interesting, and will definitely determine whether I discover an interesting art form, or end up with disappointing photos.  I had to unwind the whole roll of film to get it in the camera the way you are supposed to.  And I did it in dim light.  So the whole roll is already exposed, and I’m worried about the results.DSC_4775
So if this roll doesn’t work out, I’ll probably try another. Anyway, it is a once in a lifetime chance to see the world through an old lens.





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