The First Post

It’s very strange, starting a blog. I’ve thought about it never believing I would actually do it. I’m in the middle of a very busy school year.  Therefore, I am in my off-season of drawing or creating anything of any kind, except problems in school.  Despite that, I decided to create this time taker when I’m busiest.  So the drawings you are about to see are ones I’ve done in the summer.
drawing 2        To tell you the truth I do not like my style of drawing. I don’t expect one to truly like something they’ve created.  Most times they make something through inspiration from someone else’s work.  and it turns out looking like its their own work, messed up to look as if two artists attempted to make one thing.  And that never works out. drawing1        True, I set out looking to make my drawings look as realistic as possible and if I still wanted that, I believe I would be happy with it.  But I see the work of some of my favorite artists and say to myself, “I wish I could do that.” And then I try it, and it doesn’t work out. So I try again and again, heeding the advice of a well known quote.  But it still doesn’t work.  So here I am trying and learning to live with what I have and being thankful for the talents God has given me.

Well I’ve gotten the ball rolling, and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) many more posts.


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